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Our core values are driven deeply by our story and the stories of real lives changed.


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14 years ago, the vision of Wink of Hope Counseling was born from longing prayer to understand God's plan for my career. I had never asked!


As I prayed, I felt led to further my education and become a therapist. Before I even started school, my dear friend, Diane, spoke over me that I would be the leader of an agency. She was confident that I would be given not only the vision, but every piece needed to make this dream a reality.


In these past 14 years, God has been so faithful through every step! I was given connections to the right people, the business structure, and vision for a facility. 


While studying to obtain my degree, I worked at a mortgage company. A co-worker joined me in prayer regarding the agency. Her son, nicknamed Wink, was an addict. During this process of praying and planning, Wink tragically died of an overdose.


Wink's mother came up to me with tears in her eyes and said, "I have the name of your agency: Wink of Hope Counseling." We both cried. She would share snippets of Wink’s journal and about how much he loved God, but he just could not shake the hold that drugs had on him.


Wink of Hope is a place that people will be safe and loved. Here, they will find grace, mercy and most importantly, Jesus!


The dream is that one day, Wink of Hope will grow even further into a residential facility. There, people will graduate different levels, learn skills, earn a GED or diploma, and learn how to live independently and FREE! I can't wait to see what God does next.

Ammy Nienaber, LPCC

Founder of Wink Of Hope Counseling

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